Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Golden Keys from Friends.

So many "Golden Keys" are on this Paris Dream path.
Today, I've decided to store them in the blog.

Who knows what's behind the doors along the way?
There is Light, even Now in this Moment...

Golden Keys to...

A few of the Keys:

"You have to Know and Believe that you deserve to receive what you want."
- Carrie

"You have the Right to Decide and Choose for yourself what you want."
- Kristin, (PSI Communications. )

"Don't Push it, Let it Come to You."
- Benny

"Keep watering your Dream like the bamboo tree."
- Roger

"Don't worry or think too much over money, a new door always opens..."
- Marilena

Feel free to use any towards your own dream or share a few of your own...

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