Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah! It's Friday in Paris.

After a few glasses of really good French red wine, conversations with friends, reading the blog comments, Nutella Chocolate cream spread, and exercise...I'm over the bad hair cut....but....

I feel compelled to post my passport photo (my natural hair) which I showed to the French stylist, asking her for a cut just slightly above the shoulders....Not a shorter, chopped up version. (but really I am over it, taking another sip of wine) I suppose the mistake was to emphasize volume (thanks to my wonderful male friend's suggestion...what do straight male friends know about hair anyway?! but, did I mention I'm over it?!) . The stylist said she understood volume, and the rest is I recover from 2 days of loathing my hair.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments, Now I will wait patiently for it all to grow back in time for Christmas!

This is what I wanted....

....and a recap from Wednesday...This is what I got. I'm over it now.

On to better things...TGIF, I just finished a Friday Pilates workout with Adrian, Heather, and Annie Venier (instructor with perfect body). Annie promised me that if I put away the Chocolate Nutella and keep coming for 2 months, I will see results! (ie, the little bulging pocket of belly fat will find a new home somewhere up under my ribs and out of sight!?...stay tuned for those photos!)

The Pilates Class: Heather, Adrian, Annie, and me. (with hand resting on the the little pocket of belly fat) And here are a few random photos I took walking home after Pilates. I wish I could say I had a wonderful dinner at one of these cozy cafes with a few friends on a Friday night, but not tonight!

Instead, I bought some chicken fillets, sausage, beans, bread, yogurt, ham slices and cheese from the local grocery store and headed home in my sweatpants, fitness clothes, jacket and sneakers on a rainy Friday night.

I'm not the only one carrying a grocery bag through the lively streets of Paris tonight.
People sitting the rain on a Friday Night. Ah, see the guy with the grocery bags ahead? I fit right in on this Friday night... (click street photos to enlarge)
Cozy Corner Cafe.
Maybe next week I'll have more exciting Friday night photos to post.

Did anyone out there do anything more exciting than pilates and grocery shop this Friday night? Do share the excitement...NYC? London? or anywhere else in the world?? In any case...Yeah! It's Friday!


  1. Yes...checking in from NYC. I went to the wine shop today in Union Square, then came home, took a nap, woke up at 8pm and got on the internet, reading your blog. Now I am going to stuff my face and watch TV. Oooh watch out, I can't handle all this excitement.
    Marilena -- your best friend in NYC.

  2. Did I mention I may be suicidal. :-)

  3. After a hard week of working and working out, my favorite thing to do on Friday is relax and watch a movie (Up In The Air) with a friend...

    Yeah, the French stylist wasn't paying attention to your picture...;)


    I'm seriously assuming that you are joking around...

  4. * Not funny Marilena. I understand NYC can be boring at times, but I only have ONE best friend like you so don't ruin it B-$#%*! You still have the Greece option (GO FOR IT!)AND you still have beautiful hair!

    * Thanks 'Drea. I agree, Fridays are the perfect time to unwind, drink a glass of wine, watch a movie, or just chill out with a friend or Solo! I saw Up in the Air with Eric a few weeks ago. He's on his way to India for 3 Weeks about Exciting!?

  5. Oh my goodness. I guess I better retract my previous comment. (so, Flo -- threatening my life is the only way to get you to call me) :-)

    For all the worry I caused, I was KIDDING... but I guess not funny.
    PS. Love you -- my best friend!! :-)

  6. Thank God you were kidding! I need you around...especially for those "Tell it like it is!" Therapy sessions. Remember sitting on my rented couch in Colorado you told me to "Get off my ass..." and follow my dream to Paris?!?
    I hope you are moving your ass towards your Dream too!! Love ya too...