Friday, May 29, 2009

Almost Free to Leave for Paris

I finished out processing from my company (Computer Science Corporation) today, but my "official" last day is tomorrow, 29 May 2009. It was a little difficult for the security office to process me out because they've never processed paperwork for anyone "quitting" the job. Who quits a job in this economy?

I am "almost" free to start my new life, I just have to remember to submit my timesheet for one more day.

Most of the day I felt pretty good mainly because of the wonderful pain pills I got for my knee yesterday. I actually thought I was completely recovered from Monday's 10k run, until the medication wore off this afternoon and my knees reminded me that I am NOT an elite athlete. Maybe I will walk the 10k this Saturday.

This evening I had another private French Lesson with my instructor Alain Le Lait. Check out his website. Having lessons with him is another "Sign" that Paris is the right thing for me. How convenient is it that the only French instructor in Colorado Springs offers classes and private lessons 5 minutes away from where I live? He's an amazingly patient and awesome instructor! My French is improving...

Also met a few friends for dinner tonight at Ted's Montana Grill. I had beer-can chicken, asparagus, grilled mushrooms and sparkling water. (don't ask me why I had to write that.)

Tomorrow I will finish organizing my clothes for Paris, sort out clothes to donate to the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission, and pack up the extra clothes I will keep in storage in Vegas. Then I plan to finish the paperwork to refi my house.

That's pretty much the day in my life...until tomorrow.

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