Friday, May 15, 2009

Resignation Effective 31 May 2009

Today is Thursday, so I have to catch you up....
On Wednesday (yesterday), My supervisor asked me if I had any idea about what I was going to do, when I was going to do it and if I wanted to stay with the company.
Funny, seems like he's on the other end of the stick now, waiting for me to give a date. He called me in his office and explained to me that basically the "higher-ups", were really anxious to know if I was going to stay or leave because they are in the middle of reallocating the budget, and if I knew that I was going to leave, then they could basically divy up my salary to other employees in the form of various raises....

"Wow!?" was my only thought...funny, now that I write about it.

So I said, "Don't worry, I have a letter prepared and I will send it to you right now." So, I did it....on Wednesday, I emailed my resignation letter to the company recruiter and I courtesy copied my supervisor. Now I can go to Paris, and others can have their raises…This might turn out to be a real Win-Win situation for all!

I leave for Paris to live my dream - The employees at my company get a raise!
C'est la vie! - That's Life!

Here, the letter:

(I will cut and paste it later…I promise)

After I hit the send button, I felt like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders. I actually went in the women's restroom and danced! First I danced in the handicapped stall, but there wasn't enough room in there to move my arms like I wanted without hitting the door, so I came out of the stall and danced like a funky was more like a chicken trying to fly, but I danced with a big ol' grin on my face...shaking my booty to the tune of, I quit my job and I'm going to Paris dee dee daaa! Thank God, no one came in the restroom, I’m sure they would have called 9-1-1! I pulled myself together after it possible to have no rhythm if there's no music playing? Hmmmm, if you dance when there's no music playing and no one else is around to see it, does rhythm really exist? Anyway, I was happy!

As I was walking down the hall, back to my office, I felt a few little pebbles from the Rock Called Fear...moving around in the pit of my stomach. Am I crazy? What have I done? Then I took a deep breath, visualized where I was going (to Paris) and I knew I did the right thing, I am headed in the right direction for me at this moment. It’s my decision. The pebbles of fear dissolved in my stomach......

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