Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Decision to (NOT) Get a Tattoo!

Today I went to Glory Badges Tattoo Shop to get my tattoo, spur of the moment. If Maria (the tattoo artist) worked a little faster, I would be typing you now with a Star Tattoo, from Glory Badges Tattoo Parlor on my right wrist. Instead, it took Maria too long to give the grandmother that was in for her 4th tattoo the rosebuds around her ankles.

I was getting nauseous just listening to the ink gun and watching her pat away the little drops of blood from grandma’s ankle.
As I was explaining to Jeff (the other tattoo artist), who was outside Maria’s office I only wanted one star, but I know how people seem to be addicted to getting more than one, the grandma hopped out on one foot and said, “YES, they are very addicting!” That's when she told me, “This is my 4th one!...and I can’t stop!”

Jeff immediately asked me to fill out the paperwork. I began to get hot flashes as I wrote my name, answered a few questions and signed the form. They were giving me a discount price of $50 instead of their normal minimum of $75. How could I refuse?

Maria finally came over with the template to draw my star, but she took to long doing whatever she was doing, as several "addicts" with tattoo's on arms, ribs, necks and legs, came in wanting more "ink", I stood there getting hotter and dizzy. When she finally came back to show me the star design, I told her, I wasn’t feeling well. She told me to have a seat, but surrounded by all the tattoo pictures, posters, magazines, and all the customers in the the lobby and coming in the door covered with tattoos everywhere and still wanting more, I knew I had to leave. I told her to keep the paper work, as if I was doing her a favor and I would have to come back later.

She told me to come back next Friday at 5:30 and she could do it right away so I wouldn’t have to wait….I said okay as I ran for the door, but I won’t be back.

I went to Panera Bread and ordered a piece of cake and a cup of coffee, but I couldn’t enjoy either because my stomach was still upset. As I sat in Panara Bread with my laptop, I researched tattoo addiction on the internet and it looks like they really are addictive. No one really seems to know exactly why, but more often than not, when a person gets one, they will want another and some are covered before they realize what happened.

Thanks for the warning grandma and I suppose I should thank Cmdr Makee too. My final decision for this vessel is No Thanks to the Star Tattoo. I don’t need to start an addiction right now at this point of my journey.

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