Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I just called my mom to wish her a happy mother’s day. She said she got lots of flowers from everyone.

I told my mom that I’m going to Paris…for sure. For her, this is not a nice pleasant thing to talk about. This is my dream that she does not support or encourage. I wish she did but I have to thank God for the challenges of non-support and the “Rocks” in my life like this, because without these, I would not be able to find the place where my strength lives inside of me.

One thing my mother always reminds me of is: “God bless the chil’ that’s got its’ own, God bless those who can do for themselves...”
I pray that God will bless me as I move towards living my Dream. I thank God that I have so many supportive and loving friends and “other” family members that are supportive. I will replace the null words of encouragement I get from my mother with all the wonderful, supportive, loving, caring, friendly, encouraging, positive, kind, sweet and gentle words I get from so many special friends in my life.

Here are their various words of encouragement on moving to Paris:

1. Hurry up and get your ass over here!
2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
3. Sorry you are stressed about your potential move.
4. Wahouu, THAT is a decision !
5. It’s good to see that you are realizing your dream
6. It’s OK to meet you at the airport, But can you tell me le date….I Kiss You
7. OMG that’s wonderful! I’m so jealous…
8. What are you doing ?, we are the 15th of April, you should already be here :-)
9. Just think, 6 months ago you had never heard of this job (to quit). And your financial situation is better now than it was then. Carpe diem – if Paris is what you want
10. Oh, I am going to dream about you tonight…living your dreams!
11. Most people never get the opportunity to live their dreams
12. Stop over-analyzing and go!
13. Stop thinking so much about money…you can’t put a price on your dreams!
14. Basically, what you express are your feelings and fears linked to the "extraordinary" things you wanna do.
15. You're a woman with balls.
16. Look at all these "extraordinary" things you did and are doing in your life
17. Paris will work out well as you carry now the experience of last time…
18. The availability of the apartment in PARIS has been confirmed for a period of 6 months and the owner is holding the property for you for the next 48 hours
19. That’s so exciting to be in a position to make your dreams come true!
20. If this is your dream why not do it?
21. Cut to the chase & cut through the angst.
22. Many want to do what you are doing but you have prior experience and language skills + banking & real estate experience.
23. You are 100% ahead of all the other dreamers :-)
24. Florence, great idea. Live your dreams, baby!!!
25. I understand and applaud! your efforts.
26. Nothing is forever, so no worries, just go with your gut - remember the carport vs. the garage decisions.
27. Stick to what you know is right and you can't go wrong.
28. This e-mail confirms the ticket number(s) issued for the "Paris 6/10/09" trip
29. Wow, go live your dreams!
30. You're life is so exciting, you should write a book!
31. You are a brave woman! I couldn't do what you are doing.
32. I want to do what you're doing!

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