Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegas Girls Weekend Away - Friday

The Girls (Me, Ellen, Heidi, Brenda, Jamie, and Mary)

I had to publish this late (after my return from Vegas), but it was written on Friday, 15 May 2009:
Friday, 15 May 2009 was an AWESOME day! This is the day that my letter of resignation is dated, declaring resignation from my job effective 31 May 2009. I’m in Las Vegas Today….Celebrating!

I joined my friend Jamie for a “Girls Night Out….In LAS VEGAS!!” to celebrate! I called in to work “sick”, stayed at home to pack, clean up a little, and washed my hair. I ran out of time to get a manicure and pedicure before heading to the airport so I actually had to paint my nails at the airport during the 1 hour delay. (Who paints their toes in an airport? Answer: I do, but ya know...they really should have salons in the airports for people like me!)

So it’s off to Vegas from Colorado today to meet Jamie, Ellen, Heidi, Brenda, and Mary at our hotel, the Bellagio. Oh what a beautiful place! What a way to start a celebration of Birthdays (Jaime's turning the big 4-0) and the rest of my life….

It is said that what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, So I gotta hurry up and write about what happened tonight, while I am still staying here in Vegas at fabulicious hotel.

Since my flight was late getting in, I met the girls for the last part of dinner at the Bellagio Restaurant called Sensi. Then we all split up to go shopping and site seeing for a few hours before we met again to see the delicious men of “Thunder Down Under”. I skipped shopping and site seeing (did I mention that I am from Las Vegas...so this is home, in a whole new perspective) and instead I took the time to go to the room, shower and rest before we all headed out for the 11PM Australian all male dancer show. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G….I’m in love with Randy, He was one of the dancers, He calls me “Chocolate-Girl”, and he’s in love with me too…he doesn’t know it yet…ahhh, talk about Thunda!? OMG. Down under there...(Okay, the rest of the story stays in Vegas)

After “Thunder”, we had some VIP passes to a club called LAX……LOTS OF FUN!! We danced, and danced and danced…..Okay, the only thing I wanna know here, is why do reeeeeeallly, reeeeeeeallly, reeeeallllly, good looking guys who are dancing with you think that they can put their hands all over you?! True, 7, okay maybe 20 years ago, I would have loved it, but tonight….now that I am more mature, living my True life, I don’t much like a strange man touching my hands and putting…correction, attempting to put his hands all over me….(he tried very hard) But once I got him trained on the commands “Back Off”, “Hands Off”. “Ohhh, Woahhh doggie, No! No! No!” I was about to say “Sit!”, but figured that would not be an appropriate command to teach him at the moment…, we had a GREAT time.

Then wouldn’t you know, as soon as he was fully trained and obedient two then three women came to us putting their hands all over HIM!?! Whaaaa?! He ignored them….totally! Okay, He looked at them for a minute then looked at me, I looked at him, He looked at me and he actually “Stayed”, They walked away….I didn’t even teach him the “Stay” command. Anyways, I forgot his name, but he was so tall dark and handsome, with a body of biceps, nice jeans, nice shoes and a shirt that showed STRONG ARMS and a big ol’ chest fulla muscle. Oh if only we did not meet in a club in Vegas, he would have had my cell phone number, my email, my date of birth, my passport number, my waist measurement, basically every number I could think to give him….. you get the picture…, but I couldn’t even try to believe that we were met for anything more than just havin’ fun for the night on the dance floor…oh but what a hunk of a hunk of a man was he!

Oh, speaking of dancing….remember when I wrote about rhythm? (specifically, lack of it) Well, I fully realize now, that rhythm it’s not a part of my way of moving to anything with a beat. And to make matters worse, when there’s a good looking, tall dark and handsome guy trying to touch every part of me at the same time, making me dizzy with his dazzling white smile, rhythm is just no where to be found! So needless to say, I really feel sorry for any man who wants to dance with me, because I’m like a box of chocolates on the dance floor….We never know what we’re gonna get….Seeing my rhythm-less body in motion, he even sympathetically moved in close and whispered in my ear, “Just follow my lead.” Oh, we were NOT even slow dancing!

Inside Club LAX

What happened to my rhythm? Where did it go? I know I used to have some, back in the day? Does it run out as we get older? I think I really need dance lessons. I wonder if I’ll have time to take a few before I go dancing in Paris. Or will they even notice in Paris? Maybe they will think I have some new moves from the United States...as I flail my body around? We’ll see….

So, it’s 4AM and I had to tell Mr. Canada (yeah, he said he was from Canada) that I had to go meet the girls. He looked surprised as he asked ,” Whaaat? You want to go with your girlfriends?”, We had been dancing 2 or 3 hours STRAIGHT (He was an AMAZING dancer…I could not keep up) So he walked me off the dance floor. I didn’t want to tell him the truth but really, after dancing for 2 or almost 3 hours straight, my left knee was starting to hurt. I know that sound really old and lame huh? Oh, sad, but so true…I’m getting old and I must have a trick knee too? Well, he will never know. But my knee is better now.

Tomorrow, we will all have breakfast, shop some more, hang out by the pool and see another show. I’m looking forward to just hangin out by the pool with the new Steve Harvey book : “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. Maybe somewhere in the book, I will find the answer to my question about touchy, feely Mr Hunka Hunka Canadian man….

Returning to hotel room (solo) ...5AM, after night at LAX
(is the picture blurry? or is it just me?)

I can’t post this yet, because I haven’t told my family that I’m in Vegas, and my younger sister knows about this blog so I don’t want her to read this and find out that I'm "home". So I will have to post this after I tell my family I’m here. It’s 5:14 AM as I write this, so I gotta get some Zzzzzzz


  1. Remember the Salsa dancing??? That was classic!

  2. Ohhh yeah...why did you have to bring that up? I forgot about the puzzled look on that poor guys face. Hey the dance looked easy watching it from the bar. Who knew you actually have to know the steps...for real?
    I swear, I use to know how to dance...