Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Colorado Springs

Today is a beautiful day in Colorado Springs. I just took this photo 2 minutes ago...this is the view from my living room balcony. (Thanks Carrie, for suggesting I "Buy the View") Why am I trying so hard to sell this place before moving to Paris? I think I might rent this home out instead of selling at a loss in today's market...Who knows, maybe one day I might want to enjoy this view again?


  1. That is a great decision... What an AWESOME view!!! You are very lucky to have it.. some people have to settle for a parking lot or looking at the side of a parking gargage (think turnberry place) This is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.. Go forth and conquer( or is it prosper??) :-D

  2. ..."That's what I am talking about".... I have always thought you should keep it, and hope you do. It is a nice personal nest to tempt you to come back home to when you want to visit or stay for a while...not too far from family, but not too close- it is your space, your place.....with a lovely view!