Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Decision to get a Tattoo

I’ve decided to get a tattoo. I want a star on my right wrist. I’ve been drawing it on my wrist now for the past few weeks, and I like it. I noticed a girl in the coffee shop that had a star tattoo on both her wrists. She gave me the name of her artist and I think I am going to get mine. There are there 3 personal things I’ve decided to do before I move to Paris.
1. Get a star tattoo on my wrist
2. Color my hair 2 tones, light and dark brown
3. Cut my hair and wear it short and au natural

A few years ago when I wanted to get a tattoo while living in Florida, the men in my office talked me out of it. They even introduced me to the term “Tramp Stamp”. Yesterday the men in my office here in Colorado told me what they thought of tattoos on women. They did not like them on women, nor do they have any tattoos of their own.
I want a tattoo. So do I take the advice of these men who should not have any control over my life decision because they each have their own wives to control? Do I follow my own desire and do what I want to do, or do I follow their advice and rebuking? (Cmdr Makee)
When will I begin to live my own life if I am always living under the values, opinions and control of others? Cmdr Makee was especially adamant that I would regret if I got one, but I would thank him later in life if I did not get one. Even one young lady looked at my ink drawn tattoo that I like and told me that it was too big and that I would not like it when it was done. She told me I should make it smaller like the one she had on her foot. I considered her opinion, but I think her tattoo is too small and I like the size I have drawn.

In the end, I will consider everyone’s opinion, but I know that I must make my own decision and move in the direction of my own desires, otherwise I will continue to suppress the true me and my true desires in order to satisfy the desires of others. And this journey is about following my dreams. Not my co-workers, not my friends, not my mother's...

I am realizing more and more that someone must be the Captain of this vessel called my Life, and it’s beginning to look more and more like the most qualified to control my vessel is me!
In the past, I tried to please the others, but things are changing now. I am taking control my life. I will consider others opinions, but in the end, I make the final decision.

Thank you all for your opinions. I have decided that I am going to get my tattoo before I go to Paris.


  1. I think I can help you in this Dept... after all I do have a few of my own. The only thing I will say is that they are somewhat addictive... it's hard to get just one because they are such a sense of empowerment.. kinda like people who under or over eat... color their hair several times etc,etc. If you do get one though, I would suggest that you start small and discreet..somewhere that can be covered up... especially if you ever plan on wearing a formal evening gown!! Tramp stamps are the HUGE tattoos that are commonly found on the lower back right above the panty line so not all tatoos are referred to by that name.. that's just for starters, I have plenty more where that came from.

  2. The is a very good post. I just wanted to add that there are too many people who get attracted to tattoos for a short period just for the appearance or some other temporary reasons but once their situations have changed or the tattoo has served a particular purpose, these tattoos become a burden. I believe that before drawing a tattoo, one should know properly about the thing. One should know the reasons or the needs for which he or she is going to bear a symbol on his or her body. Only after that tattoos can be a source of pleasure.