Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Changing My Frequency to Guard Against Negativity

Today I realized what the effect of associating with negative people has on me. It drains me, even if they don’t say a word; their body language, breathing, sulking, smirky looks, etc affects my energy. I was surprised to realize that today my conversation and words began to match the tone and frequency of their negative tones.

To match their negative conversation, I in turn spoke in a way that we were all talking on the same frequency. I didn’t have it in me anymore to be the positive hero for the underdog. I matched the frequency of two I was with and blended in with negative words and pessimistic thoughts. We were all as one, in agreement. Then I realized where I was in the moment. We reached one accord of dark energy. We were heavy, pessimistic and in agreement. Immediately I did not like where I was, I felt sick! That’s when I realized that I have been too close to negative people without guarding my own positive, happy, hopeful, kind, and optimistic energy.

These people seem to be naturally heavy, pessimistic, unhappy, discontent, and sarcastic. This is not a place I want to visit anymore. This is now a place where I belong.

Today I decided that I cannot spend more than 5 or 10 minutes associating with unhappy people. I say 5 or 10 minutes maximum time, because I cannot avoid them completely. (Not until I leave for Paris) I will be nice, but I cannot dwell in their presence. It brings me down.

I wonder if this experience has any relation with my decision to move forward with following my dream of "Just Living in Paris"? (My dream has a title now..."Just Living in Paris")

I wonder...Has my decision moved put me on a different frequency than I was living on before? Now when I am beside the old frequency, it doesn’t match where I am today. For me, there’s no longer any harmony around these people and I feel uncomfortable, uneasy, heavy, unhappy, anxious and sick.

I don’t know for sure, but I do know that for me, it doesn’t feel good to be around unhappy, negative, burdened, sarcastic people where there is no joy or laughter. Maybe this is part of my change?

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