Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 10k Run - Bolder Boulder, I did it!

I ran the 10k race today in Boulder, Colorado with my friend Jamie. Boulder is a beautiful little city and the weather was perfect for running.

Remember when I wrote about having bad knees? Well, it's true, my knees started hurting after about 3o minutes or almost at the 3 mile point, but I kept running (most of the race). It took us about 1 hour to finish. Eventhough I sit here in pain right now, I loved the run! Hopefully I will keep up with my fitness, and maybe my knees will get stronger. (wishful thinking)

Here's the race link, if you want proof that I actually finished.


Also, this evening had a great dinner with my supervisor Barry and his wife. He's really sorry that I could not continue to wait for the German budget approval, but he's also happy (and his wife) that I have decided to follow my dream. They wanted to take me out to dinner one last time, before I leave. He and his wife are a few of the absolute nicest people in Colorado Springs. This world would be heaven on earth if all the people in the world were as kind as they are.

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