Monday, June 1, 2009

The Illusion of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

You were scary like the Wizard...The Wizard of Oz. But in reality, he was just a scared old man hiding behind a curtain, controlling everyone through fear and illusions.

The Wizard Exposed

I admit that I felt powerless and afraid when I was near you but now I have seen behind the curtain. I see that in reality, you too are powerless and afraid. I see the smoke and mirrors with the loud voice amplifier you used to scare and control me is exposed and falling apart now. I see the switches you use to turn words against me, I see the little light bulbs that were not really the True Source of Light - I see the Truth now.

It was all an illusion that I have feared.

I am not afraid to follow my Dream to Paris. I am not afraid to leave this place controlled by the "Illusion of Oz".


  1. good stuff...and good pics too!

  2. Thanks. I am trying to improve each day...always going back to edit and correct typos. (Added photos to Girl's Weekend in Vegas too) Next week should be even more interesting when I arrive in Paris. Thanks for your support!