Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adventures on the Paris Metro

Paris has one of the best (if not the best) public transportation systems in the world. The only time I think of my car back in the states is when my sister calls to remind me that my 17 year old niece wants to drive it, or my mom calls to tell me she just washed it....

Every ride on the metro is like a little adventure from point A to point B.

The outdoor stops make me really feel like I'm in Paris...

Cute puppet show with funky soul music inside one of the cars

One of the only times I've actually dropped a few coins in the hat!

This day, the metro was stalled, lights were out and I almost panicked as I thought I saw both sides of the walls closing in, but thank God it started to move again after a few short moments.

A typical walk along the metro platform

I think it's strange that no one really talks on the metro...except me...until my friends say, "Shhhhh". I used to ask, "Why, am I talking too loud?" Then I realized that no one was talking at all...except me. Most of the time the entire car is just looking at me. So now I just read a book or don't talk at all. I still love it anyway.
Last week, I saw a real live high fashion model on the metro. She was very tall and amazingly thin. Her legs were the size of my arms. She stood right in front of me and I could see her bones protruding at her joints. She did have an exceptionally beautiful full thick head of hair that almost touched her elbows.
She was very pretty, even with little makeup on her face and her clothes looked effortlessly chic. She wore a simple cream ruffle layered silk spaghetti strap dress that stopped just above her knees and a royal blue short cropped sweater that hung slightly off her bony shoulder. Her shoes were green strappy gladiator style sandals, with straps that went up her ankles and 4 inch heels. I thought, Wow! She looks great in green shoes! Who wears green shoes?
But she was so amazingly thin as I looked at her, my stomach started to growl....really loud! Still no one was talking or saying a word, just my stomach. I don't know if people were looking at me or her...Have you ever seen anyone so thin that it made you hungry? Thank goodness, my stop was next. I got off and bought a sandwich at the boulangerie.
I will always love riding the metro in Paris.

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