Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bastille Day Picnic and Fireworks 14 July 2009

Adrian and me

It's getting more and more difficult to blog every day. Business is picking up, I have more tasks to do for Adrian, there are more parties, and I still have a guest visiting. Where will I find the time to blog?
Life is still wonderful in Paris, and I have no regrets for getting out of the rat race and following my dream to Paris.

The picnic with Adrian Leeds and a few friends and the concert by Johnny Halladay were awesome. The fireworks at the Eiffel towe were the best I have ever seen anywhere in my LIFE!! Absolutely amazing!

Johnny Hallyday 70 yrs old is the Elvis of AMAZING Concert!

One of Johnny Hallyday's Solo singers...Party, Party, Party!

The BEST fireworks show EVER!!

A visiting friend (Chris) and me

Little Kayla (16 yrs old), visiting her Grandmother in Paris

No more photo's please...
Have a great day...where ever your dreams take you....

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