Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Biggest Fear (Part 4 of 4 – Happy Ending)

My Biggest Fear (Part 4 – Happy Ending)

After the fearful event in the elevator, I decided to leave the party. My elevator hero agreed to walk me to the metro. He suggested we walk until I was completely calm and could breathe freely. So we walked and walked and walked down rue de Rivoli, past the Musee de Louver and then on the the Jardin de Tuileries where the summer carnival was brightly lit and filled with happy people. We walked inside the carnival and through the crowds. The sights, the sounds, the nice breeze and the smell of carnival food…

Ahhh, Paris was beautiful last night! I was alive again.

As we walked past the kabob, hotdog and salad and sandwich “restaurant” set up outside underneath a white tent, just next to the giant ferris wheel, he asked. “Let me by you something to eat?” I said, “Oh, no, I should buy you something to eat, because you helped me.” He said, “Oh, but in France it is not this way. Tell me what you would like to eat. I will buy it.”.

We had a nice carnival dinner, where we talked and laughed more about our cultural differences, similarities, relationships and life in general. It was a nice place to end the carnival evening. Then he walked me not only to the metro station, but directly to my line. He gave me an American hug and we said goodnight.

The End.

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