Thursday, July 9, 2009

Such a Pity

Beef Tartare - It's Such a Pity

Last week in our French-English conversation group, we started talking about French restuarants and French foods. I explained to one French man how I was amazed to see the dish, Boeuf TarTare at restaurants. I said, it's like eating a raw hamburger. He corrected me and said, "Non! Non! c'est Boeuf".

I said, "Yes, it is beef, but it is raw a hamburger with a raw egg on top!". He said, "No, it is not the same, it is only a hamburger if you cook it." I said, "Yes, that's it...for me, it should be cooked!" His reply was apologitic as he looked down at the table and said sadly, "Oh, the beef is very high quality, it would be such a pity to cook it." I put my head down on the table's such a that pity they DO NOT cook it!

If you'd like to try it at home, here's a recipe from the Recipe Zaar:

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