Friday, July 3, 2009

Visiting a Friend...

This morning started off as another wonderful day in Paris. I've asked a few of my friends, how long will this "Love Affair" with Paris last...Some say it will never end! So I woke up this morning in love again.

After a nice breakfast of bacon (Bacon is Bacon in French too...imagine that?), eggs and toast...(finally). My phone rings, it's Joe. "Helloooooo, Florence, Where are you?! Are you on your way?!" Oh, crap! Joe and I had an appointment to meet at 10AM, but the morning after all the celebrations on my Birthday, 1 July, I reset the week in my brain back to Monday the First, which makes the 2nd (today) Tuesday...right?

Wrong! Joe said if I was already dressed, to hop on the metro and keep our appointment anyway...even though I was 45 minutes late and wearing shorts, because I was not planning to go outside (typically French women DO NOT wear shorts...but that's slowly changing) I grabbed my metro pass wearing my shorts and headed out the door.

We met to talk about, basically having more "Focus" in my life, yes, "Paris Focus!", as in, which direction am I really headed here in Paris? What's my Game Plan for living here? Finances? Relationships? Medical Insurance? US Embassy privileges, etc, etc, etc...oh and of course what's the best wine to buy?! For the summer heat, the French love a great Rosé wine...

Like I've said before, I feel really blessed to have a few really great people in my life right now. Joe is definitly a great person to know.

Joe's Neighboorhood...Nice and Ritzy!
The "Lady" Stands just down the street...

Beautiful View of Nature from his Windows and a Cozy apartment...

rue de le Benjamin Franklin...was he French?

After meeting with Joe...Okay, where's the Wine Shop?
I definitely feel like a have a little more direction and "Focus" in my life now. I have plans to re-organize my small business and maybe become an International Corporation (anything is possible at this point)
...but first I think I'll focus on finding a more suitable "home" here in Paris...who knows, maybe I'll grow some roots en francais!


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful day.

    Benjamin Franklin was America's first ambassador to France, and lived there from 1776 until 1785. He was very popular in France, and many French also think he was president of the United States.

  2. Thanks.
    What?! You mean he wasn't a U.S. president? Does that make me French? lol (Just Kidding) But thanks for the info. There's so much interesting history, art, culture, etc here in never ends!

  3. Yeah, we're just young pups when it comes to history, at just 233 years. France has fountains older than that.