Friday, July 24, 2009

A Typical Work Day

Someone asked me to describe a "typical" day for me in Paris. I tried to explain that no two days are the same. Something different happens each day and no two days have ever been the same, similar or even "typical" since I have arrived.

Today is Friday...This morning my phone rings, it's my boss, Adrian; which means I did not sleep in until my normal 10AM.

"Hello, FLORENCE! I can't find the documents you scanned last week! Where did you file them after they were scanned ?! I need them. We need to get the filing completed!...Do you think have the documents in the stack of papers you took with you? I can't find them. Do you know where they are? I need you over here, I need you in the office. Can you come over today?"

"Uh good morning. Let me see if I have them..." I replied. "What you think you have them with you?!?" she asked, excited at the possibility. I looked in the clear plastic folder I had with me. "Uh, no, I don't have them here..., I'll be right over to help you find them...." I assured her.

That's how my Friday morning began. That's not a typical morning, because each morning like I said is unique....and exciting. I guess I could say it is a typical "un-typical" morning.

I showered, stopped by the wine store to pick up a bottle of wine to take to Adrian, since today she is also completing the official paperwork on another great real estate deal, then I jumped on the metro and headed off to the office.

Since I usually have my camera now (for Kristin), the only follower of my blog brave enough to post comments and admit she actually reads my crazy blog and tells me that she cannot read the blog without photos...I've taken a few pictures on my way to work.

Who actually takes pictures on their way to work? Sometimes I think there's something seriously wrong with me, but I'm not going to worry about that too much right now. There are important documents that need to be found...besides, the main reason I blog is for my own kind of "therapy" I will eventually recover from taking pictures on the way to work....

So, Here they are, a few pictures on my way to the office....

French Lunch Hour

Always faster to take the quiet back alley...

Back on the main street...past the little sidewalk shops

Align CenterThe View from My Desk at Adrian's Office

"Here's the file where the documents should, look through these...I've looked through them a thousand times already...You didn't find them at your apartment did you? " she said, dropping the files in my lap as soon as I sat down. "No" answered. "I didn't think you had them." she said worriedly.

I opened the first folder, turned two pages and could it really have been that easy? "Here they are." I said as I handed a stack of stapled papers all in French to her. But then I doubted myself, everything is in French, how the heck can I tell this document from the I took it back to look at them closer....besides, she looked a thousand times, it couldn't possibly be that easy for me to find them.

"What?!" She glanced look. "That's it! Let me see...Yes! Oh my God, that's it!" A flood of relief washed over her face. Wow, it really was that easy. I really can read in French...(the name of a company....)

"Here. Congratulations!" I said as I gave her the bottle of wine. (A Rose from Provence) Her face lit up..."For me?!" "Yes, you signed the official documents this morning right?!" "Yeah!" She replied with an excited smile she couldn't hold back, followed by, "I bought you something too..." "For me?!" I asked. "Yeah, it's on the front table by the door."

Peanuts! My face lit up. Unsalted Asian peanuts! I'm always eating all the ones she has stored in her pantry when I come to the office to work. I promised her two weeks ago, that I would buy her more. She bought me a brand new bag! My very own bag! I don't know which is better the pancake mix she gave me for my birthday or the big bag of peanuts!!

I spent the next few hours scanning, sorting filing and listening in on conversations as she wheeled and deal her next business ventures via teleconference. She is truly an amazing business woman, boss, mentor, friend, etc. Only God could have arranged for me to be working so closely with a woman who is living my dream (of living in Paris) and working my passion (Real Estate).

I could not have planned a better typical, un-typical Friday (workday) even with the best Daytimer or Franklin Planner notebook available.

Have a great un-typical weekend.

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  1. I know, I know. But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? LOL! I really do enjoy reading and seeing how you are doing. The new MDA director is committed to downsizing by about 40%, so who know? I may be looking to make a move myself.