Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Watercolor Portrait by Carol

A very special artist, Carol from painted my dream

to "Just Live" in Paris as a birthday gift 2009.

This is a birthday painting of my and my two dogs from Colorado Springs, Buster and Sophie...and the man I will share my life with is waiting there in the background...I haven't met him yet...(to be continued)

Sophie (on right in painting) did not want to live in Paris, because she didn't like the food. Buster wanted to come along, but I told him he had to stay with Sophie in Las Vegas. Buster agreed to stay with Sophie but did not want to stay in Las Vegas, because it was too hot for him.
So now they are both living with a nice family, two girls and one boy, in a wonderful home with a small backyard in Colorado Springs. They even get to sleep in the family bed...something I never let them do with me! They are both happy together living in Colorado Springs.

My Babies...Buster (front) and Sophie

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