Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Stuck Elevator

Another stuck elevator in different building on a different day...but this time at least I'm on the outside. I had to take a photo, because this is almost the same position the elevator I had my meltdown was in.

It was also a glass elevator...similar to this one. The technician and three men pulled me out of the opening between the floor and the top of the elevator. What an experience.

Apparently stuck elevators are common in Paris. Glass ones are not. I am still working on overcoming my fear. I can almost get inside one now without breaking a sweat!

The top of the elevator is SUPPOSED to stop just a little bit higher!

Nice to be on the outside this time.

Last week I had a bad luck streak. First I broke my key in the lock, then I got stuck in an elevator, oh....and the TEST (remember that?)...Let's just say, my score fit perfectly within my streak of bad luck...things will get better...I know, because they always do.

This week, my luck is already starting to change...I hope. I got a pre-estimate for the broken key. I think the lock and broken key stuck inside will cost 100 euros (I hope not more).

The mean manager is getting a little nicer, he asked Adrian to give me another chance and with a little more training, I should be able to take on the new tasks....(Thank God, because I know I can do the job...if I OPEN my mind to the big picture of the business.) The problem is, not everything is black and white, by the regulations, (like the military). With this business, just like in life, there are exceptions to the rule, there are rules that are followed for one period of time, but does not apply for another period of time. And not all the apartments and assets are treated equally, even though it's inconsistent, it's all correct.
The more I work in this business, the more I see the reflection of life and the more I realize that the rules and regulations I followed in the military are not a reflection of reality. This business and life are fluid, changing, flexible, and is not always cut and dry. The military is in the box, by the rules, no exceptions, rigid, yes sir -yes questions asked. I like the freedom of life much better, but it's still an adjustment.

Lastly, my luck is changing because today I was stuck on the outside of the broken elevator.
That's life, sometimes we're stuck inside (like I felt in the military) ...and sometimes we have our freedom outside (like I feel in Paris). I prefer to have the freedom of being outside, but I know now that I can survive on either side.

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  1. You have to pay to fix the broken key and lock? I think that's your landlord's responsibility.

    Wow, those elevators are Tiny!

    Yeah, military life doesn't prepare you for civilian life, where the only real rule is change happens.