Friday, July 10, 2009

Broken Key - Special Collection

This morning started off with an email to my landlady (below):

Subject: Key is Stuck Inside Door‏
From: Florence
Sent: Fri 7/10/09 6:50 AM
To: Carol

Hi Carol,

The key is stuck inside the lock on the outside of the door. I cannot pull it out, and I don't want to break it so I have to leave it there.

Can you please have someone fix it as soon as possible? I will lock the bottom lock only.


The email should have been enough to fix the problem right? or at least wait for a solution. But guess what I had to do just after hitting the send key? Just, one last time, let me try to twist and pull the key out of the door...

"Snap", said the key as it landed in my hands. "&%#@!", I replied!
So that was the beginning of my Friday.

No, that's not a roller skate key. The other half in still inside the lock!

I don't want to leave my blog on a crappy note on a Friday, so here's a little good news shopping story. When I was walking downtown (yeah, I know...where exactly is downtown in Paris huh?) anyway, I was walking downtown in the 6th arrondissement looking at all the shops and the sales, when I came to a beautiful jewelry store with big red SOLDES (SALE) signs in the window. All the jewelry whispered, "Florence, come inside...take a look...", so I did.

Immediately there was a nice young man that said hello and welcome. There were not many customers inside. I said hello, in French and started to look at all the shiny, sparkly, gleaming jewels inside the cases. As I stared into one case with a beautiful diamond necklace, I started to daydream about the kind of man I would like to buy that for me, surprise me and put it around my neck. (yeah, I still daydream about "Mr. Right" every now and then)

Then the sales man came beside me and whispered something in my French. Okay, it wasn't a romantic whisper and honestly, I suppose he was just talking in his normal voice, but I was in the middle of a daydream, so it sounded like a whisper at the time....I snapped out of it just as I was imagining a man gently placing the necklace around my neck. I looked at the salesman and asked him what he said, then explained that I only speak a little French.

His reply was the standard, "Oh, you speak English?", then he began to explain the jewelry collection I was gazing at. "This is a special Paris Collection, do you know the designer?" I said, "Non." He told me about the company and the designs. He said they could only be found in Paris and explained that the jewelry in the other cases were more International and could be found in the U.S., Japan and other countries.

He asked me to have a seat at this French Boudoir setting in a back corner with a table, mirrors, fancy lights and a cushioned stool. I thought, wow, this must be some pretty serious jewelry if you have to sit down to try it on. I'm used to just standing at the counter in Target or J.C. Penny's to try on a necklace.

He brought out a few pieces for me to try on. Under the lights, everything was sparkling and beautiful and everything was on SALE! I couldn't resist! And besides, I thought, I don't really need a man to buy me jewelry anyway. So I did the only reasonable thing there was to do, I bought the necklace for myself.

A Special Paris Collection
(Yes, that's me...just want you to see the necklace)

I think it's the back setting that makes it original. Even if it's not, it will always be my Special Paris Collection.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow, a sad to glad day if ever I heard of one. I hope your lock is fixed by now. That key is definitely not the plain jane ones we have.

    Beautiful necklace. Very special.

  2. Florence, this is Sandra. The same thing happened to me the 1st week that I had moved to New York. I was sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with a woman I had only just met (her boyfriend moved out and she needed a roommate in order to stay). I had just come home from my 2nd day at work, stuck the key in the lock, turned it (the wrong way, apparently) and got the key stuck. I couldn't turn it, and then the key broke off in the lock. It cost $75 to get a locksmith out the same night to fix the lock and give us new keys. My roommate was very understanding (thank God), but I felt like a total idiot. Here I was, brand new to the big city of New York, and I can't even open my own apartment door!