Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bored in Paris?

Today, I spent most of the morning and afternoon at Adrian's office, working and training. As I headed home, I had not spoken to any of my friends the entire day nor checked any of my personal messages. I started to feel a little bored and was wondering if I should allow sadness to walk me home along with lonely thoughts of, "Tomorrow's the 4th of July weekend and I don't have anything planned to do."

As I stood at the corner...,well, actually in Paris, it wasn't a corner, but more like the point of an octagon intersection, because the streets are designed to all merge together into one strange intersection. I stood there, considering becoming unhappy, but when I looked up at all the beautiful architecture of the buildings, with different styles from different periods of time, all I could do was smile. I was in Paris, a place I love; there was not much room in my mind for unhappy thoughts. I smiled and then the sun kissed me on both cheeks at the exact same moment the red do not walk image turned to green. I crossed the street, but still there was an emptiness inside of me.

Tomorrow is the 4 of July, and I'm so far from home. (I miss my "mommy") The Parisians are not going to want to celebrate my country's Independence Day with me. Today, the 3rd was no kind of "family day" like the government workers get to take as vacation back in the states. My mom sent me an email to remind me that she would not be in her office today. Tomorrow won't be any kind of special day for me here in Paris. Last year, 4th of July, I was watching fireworks over Las Vegas with my mom and dad, my brother and other family members from the top of my parents backyard deck.

I laughed as I thought, maybe I'm not going to have something exciting to do every day here in Paris, maybe somedays I'm going to be sad, and maybe there will be days that I won't have anything happy or exciting to blog about. I also thought, maybe this really is just the honeymoon phase of my romance with Paris. Only time will tell...

I thought about stopping by McD's for a "Happy Meal" (my happiness drug of choice) , but decided to stop by the market and buy some meat that looks like ground beef (I still cannot read all the French labels) instead. I bought the beef, condiments, and went home to make myself a nice cheeseburger.

As I ate my 2-star burger, while checking my email, I was reminded again of why I love Paris.

1. The first email:

Hi Florence,
Well, here's the info. for Saturday...hope you can make it.

Samedi 4 juillet à 18h 30
Concert Joel Forrester Piano solo
bebop, boogie woogie, stride et trance au Delta
26 rue du Delta 75009
Métro Anvers ou Barbès
entrée libre

In any case...hope to see you soon!

2. Then the Second email:

Hello Florence,
Internationals In Paris (organised by Fabiano, Toto, Tom & Benoit; invites you for :
starting at 8:00 pm
Boat parties are such a success that we propose you another fresh and friendly atmosphere party ...

CONCORDE ATLANTIQUE Peniche has one of the most magnificent (and largest) terraces dispatched on 3 floors, and is located in one of the best spot, between Concorde/Tuileries and Musee d'Orsay ... Great at night !!!

What : Peniche (boat) with 3 floors, open floor for apero time until midnight then 2 for clubbing time (battle tracks special "agences de com")
When : Saturday 4 July, starting 8:00pm until 5:00am
Where : In front of 23 Quai Anatole France, closeby to Concorde Bridge
To get there : Metro Assemblée Nationale / Concorde (you will have to cross the bridge)
Dress code: smart-casual / no open sandals and short (for guys)
How it works : Happy Hour from 8:00 to midnight & Buffet from 8:00 to 9:30 pm

3. Third Email:

To: Florence
Visit Patricia's website -

"OUR LADY". An Erotic Novel For Expats, French and Visitors
Sunday 5 July 18h30 - 22h00
Happy Hour. Dale's Incredible Presentation.
Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guest of Honor

4. Next, the Fourth Email:

Florence, There is a great party Monday evening in honor of Al Franken..the newest Senator just finally won the Minnesota Senate race. His brother...a photo journalist lives here....(in Paris)
(from Joe)

5. Fifth Email:

(uh, sorry, I can't exactly post the Fifth was a little freaky note from a guy I know...needless to say, it made me smile...)

Now, there's no more emptiness inside, but I'm not sure if it was the wonderful homemade 2-Star cheeseburger I made and ate or the emails received from friends in Paris...I think it will be a great weekend afterall and I'm sure I will not be bored.

Have a Wonderful Independence Day Holiday!


  1. I have had a few of those 'what's it all about, Alfie?' moments myself during my journey ... and then, similarly, some small answer from the cosmos (lol) reminds me that I am right where I am supposed to be ... bravo on your adventure!

  2. Hey, Thanks for your comment...yes, Life really is an amazing adventure isn't it!? Nice to know others know what I'm going through sometimes...