Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Girl and My Best Friend's Visit

"Hey Florence, I read your blog all the time!! Will you mention my name in your next blog?" were the first words from Little-Girl's mouth when I saw her. I call her "Little Girl." Why? because she's so cute and adorable, just like a little girl. Who is she? My best friend from elementary school's - younger sister.

"I don't like to mention other names on my blog." I explained to her. "Well, then can you tell every one that you love me? You can mention my name, I want you to write my name in your blog! Will you write my name?" She asked with the same excitement that a child asks for a new toy on Christmas.

"Okay Victoria P. I will write your name in my next blog." I promised her. Her face lit up with the most adorable smile. She was satisfied.

Me and "Little Girl" Victoria P. "I Love You...Little Girl"

Today my best friend from the 6th Grade, Athens Greece (many, many years ago) and her family were stopping through Paris and spent a few hours visiting. It always seems as if no time has passed since we last saw each other. Our fathers were stationed in the Air Force at Hellikon Air Base, Athens Greece together. We have kept in touch ever since, through the good times and the bad.

Marilena, Victoria "Little Girl" and Mr E. (their Dad)

For many, many years Marilena has been my childhood friend, almost a sister and sometimes my THERAPIST! We've known each other since running away from boys in elementary school, running towards boys in High School, attending college, graduating from university, Military for me, Corporate World for her...

She knew me when I got engaged to be married, un-engaged and almost engaged again. She's coached me through melt-downs, break-ups, career transitions and moving to Paris...every step of the way, she's been there...

We've spent summer vacations in Miami, weekends in New York and attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the pouring down rain in New York City, returning to a wonderful Greek-American Thanksgiving Day Dinner prepared by her mother who is missed now every single day. (Heaven will now have the best stuffed grape leaves ever on Thanksgiving Day...I just know it!)
Marilena , Victoria and Mr. E. are like family....

Me and Marilena (High Maintenance)

"Florence, Do you have any shampoo?", "Where's your hair conditioner?" "No, not that kind, I don't want Pink Oil, I want Mizani...", "Do you have an extra towel?" "Do you have any Q-tips?", "What about perfume?, I need some perfume." These are only a few of the questions that poured out from my best friend Marilena, before I replied, "Uh, you're a little high maintenance...?!" The questions stopped just as I told her, "No, you cannot use my toothbrush!" She's high maintenance, but I love her anyway....

A Beautiful Family

A Beautiful Day in Paris

Marilena and Victoria "Little-Girl"

Today, we only spent a few hours together during their whirlwind tour of Europe, but they will be back for a few weeks this fall. I can "officially" announce now, the guest room is ready! Which actually, literally means the "top bunk bed" is ready for visitors. Hope to see you soon!

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