Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon in Paris

Here are another few reasons why, I love living in Paris. I woke up this morning...10AM, the usual time I get up without an alarm...or earlier if Adrian happens to call.

This morning just after I made my coffee, the phone rang. It was Adrain, we needed to discuss advertising, and other small things since she's finally going to take a real vacation next week. A co-worker and I are going to completely "make over" the apartment make sure you take a look at the before: (feel free to make a reservation if you're planning a trip to Paris soon) Anyway, so that was my "morning staff meeting". Work?! I love it!

I decided to go to Carrefour (my Wal-Mart equivalent shopping) in the area of Saint-Denis (a little like the ghetto, but I like to visit every now and then because there are lots of Africans and I blend in well with my sista's and brotha's) I went to pick up a few things for my apartment.

The reasons I love Paris,

Unexpected Gospel music (in French) filled the air of the shopping square

A small flea market along the shopping square just outside Saint Denis Basilica Cathedral
(in the background)

With the gospel music filling the air, I had to walk to towards the Cathedral to take a closer look...

Saint Denis Cathedral

Saint Denis Basilica Cathedral stands on the site of the Gallo-Roman cemetery with the tomb of Saint Denis, thought to have been the first Bishop of Paris, who was martyred circa 250AD.
This place of pilgrimage was built in the 5th century. Pepin the Short was crowned king here in 754( info from the brochure I picked up)!

The Five Atrium Windows

This Cathedral became one of the most powerful Benedictine abbeys in the Middle Ages. Most of the kings and queens of France were buried here from the 6th century onwards.

Abbot Sugar's stained glass window were spared during the Revolution, but later were damaged and reassembled in the 19th century. Absolutely beautiful light fills the room.

Why I love Paris? The metro was delayed, so after I finished shoppoing, I decided to take the bus back to my apartment.

Inside The Bus

Outside the Bus

Okay, once on the bus I realized I was going in the complete opposite direction of my neighborhood, so I got off at a random stop, crossed the street to get on the same bus number going in the opposite direction.

The tree-lined street was so beautiful, and just as I was about to stand in the middle and take a great photo...the bus came from around the corner, so this is the best I could do.
This bus was also going no where in the direction of my neighborhood, so I got off at a metro stop, the metro was still delayed but two very friendly French women helped me find my way back to neighborhood on the right bus.
That's just another thing I love about Paris, the transportation system is amazing, if you know how to use it and it's easy to find a few friendly people to help.
Tomorrow, a friend I have known since I was in the elementary school is passing though with her family on their way back to NY. There's never a dull moment in Paris...just one more thing to love about living here!

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