Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Day with Adrian

Who blogs about their boss? I know it seems strange, but I really am lucky to be working for an amazing woman. She does not mix business with "play" which is something I admire.

This afternoon we (me and another co-worker) met in the office with Adrian for business and more training. The more I work with Adrian, the more I admire the spirit of a true entrepreneur. Many people are losing money, faith and hope in this economy. Adrian uses her mind, body and soul to figure out ways to succeed in an economy where most people have fear. I see in her...faith. Even though faith is something that cannot be seen.

One of my co-workers outside the office today

I see that Faith is what moves Adrian. She shared with me today, that I must have faith and not try to force things to happen. She told me to have faith, allow opportunities to open up and "Let the cards fall where they may." She said that without so much as blinking an eye, as I tried to explain my stress of trying to figure out which resident visa, work permit, and permanent apartment to choose or work towards.

In my life, I don't let the cards fall where they may. What if one or two hit the floor? I must stop them from falling on the floor. Or what if some are turned upside down? I try to catch them and turn them the way I want them to be, or what if I don't think the cards are suppose to fall in the first place, I try to hold them all together...but it's so much work, so much stress, so much moving around, and in the end, when I try to arrange the cards they way I want them, I'm not satisfied. I'm not truly happy, so I open the window to let in a cool breeze and all of my efforts arranging the cards are blown in different directions. And in the end, they still fall where they may.

I realize now that it's so much more easy, natural and truly joyous to let it all go. It's so much easier to live life without trying to force anything.

I've also learned from Adrian, that it's easier but not all easy and sometimes there will be a struggle. But when we are not pushing our own agenda in the end there's a reason for the struggle, a lesson, and a gift waiting to be recognized and accepted. Sometimes the gift is overlooked and missed, but there will be others. Adrian is a person who recognizes the gift of so many opportunities.
This moment, right now is really the only moment we have in life. I am learning to enjoy every moment as it comes along. I am learning more and more how to "Just Live."

Beautiful moments are everywhere - On the Seine with Adrian

I could not have planned a better place to enjoy dinner this Monday evening

Life is so much better when I don't force anything, but just let the cards fall where thy may.

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