Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Test

I did not finish the test last night, nor did I sleep well. I logged on to my computer first thing this morning, and immediately there’s a pop-up message.

“So far, you are failing the test.”

There was no need for me to check the From: line. I already knew.
Good morning to you too, I thought, before I made my coffee.
I typed back, “I’m sorry. I have not finished the test. I will try to finish it today.” Almost before I hit the send button, just a half second later, his reply pops up.


Have a nice day too. I smiled at his name as it disappeared from my computer screen.

Today was another busy day while I learned more about the marketing side of Facebook, the online social network for the business. Please don’t get any ideas to ask Adrian Leeds to be your friend on Facebook!

Okay, I'm just joking about that. Feel free to ask, along with the hundreds of others. It’s all part of the business of Living, Working, and Investing in France. The site is well managed...however...

I decided that Facebook is a pain in my Assbook, but I will learn how to use it for marketing and must learn all the details about the special applications. Strange how it’s fun when playing with it on my own time, but it’s not so fun when it must be used for business. How does Oprah manage her Facebook?! Sometimes I wonder how days here in Paris can be busier than the days working full time in the military?

This afternoon was spent filling in for Adrian at the afternoon French-English conversation group at the Le Bistrot de la Grille in Saint-Germaine, a beautiful busy part of Paris with tourist and locals still scurrying around the streets during the big sales.

If you want to read more…Here’s what one traveler wrote about my off-site “work space” in Paris:

Yes, it really was “work” for me here, a part of my job, but work is sometimes blurred in a bistro setting drinking, coffee, orangina, coke-cola and tea, just talking. Two American women showed up, and one French man. We usually have a space on the 2nd floor reserved, but today we were placed in a quiet corner downstairs. I learned a few new words to add to my vocabulary, but had to rush back home to finish the test.

Blogging is like a type of therapy for me, while I enjoy the ride of this adventure, we call Life. (Then I write it down!) I still wonder where it will take me...or shall I say us?

It was nice to take a break to write this, but the me’chant (mean) boss waits.

The test is still not completed, so now I must get back to it.
Have a great day, no matter who you work for or with.

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