Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday's Soiree Dinner

Paris Soiree Dinner - View from Vanessa's Kitchen Window

When working feels like fun and the reward is immediate satisfaction, I know I must be living my dream! Tonight I worked for Patricia at her Paris Soiree Dinner

The food was a wonderful mix of Thai Beef, couscous, mixed rice, vegetable dishes, various wines, and dessert including brownies! Browines in Paris. I could end this blog right here and call it heaven.

The guest speaker was Rebecca who shared about her exciting travels to India.

Rebecca (far left) speaking about India

Along with many distinguished guests, one of the most interesting was Mr Ed Clark, and amazing artist (you can read more about him here):

Patricia, Ed Clark and his assistant who is filming a documentary about his life

So many people to meet, so much to learn...
The more time I spend in Paris, the more I am amazed at the people, places and things I experience and the more I feel like this is where I "belong".

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