Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fireman's Ball

On the eve of Bastille Day (Traditionally called "Le 14 juillet"...siAdd Imagemilar to the US "4th of July") there are plenty of little Balls throughout Paris. Some are organized by city halls, some by the local bars, but the most popular ones in the city are the ones organized by the Pompiers (Firemen).

Here are a few photo's from the parade on Monday night, just before the ball. I am still recovering....

The Beginning of the Fireman's Parade

The Parade turns into one big STREET PARTY!

People and Parties... Another reason to love PARIS!!

Chris Star (A friend of Jamie's) Visiting me in Paris

Little Kayla, 16yrs old visiting her Grandma (Adrian's friend) in Paris. Kayla remindes me of my little 17yr old niece in Vegas

One big street party...all night long!

The Parade ended at the Firehouse
Tuesday, 14 July is Bastille Day...the Party continues.....

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