Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picked up my Camera Today...for Kristin

Yes, it's friend Kristin cannot read my blog without photos. So I called Pierre and told him that I needed my camera back. He seemed happy that I had a reason to return to his apartment.

On my way back home, I snapped a few random photos just for Kristin. These are a few of the sites I see everyday, now that I "Just Live" in Paris. This is also a small reason why, I think Paris is just sooooo Beautiful!

This is the modern designed shopping center at Metro Chatelet les Halles, I actually stopped inside today to buy an internet phone for my apartment.

I love the unexpected surprises that I find around some corners in Paris! This is the church St Eustache, behind Chatelet les Halles...I know, it looks like Notre Dame...but it's not! I'll post photos of Notre Dame later. There will be plenty of time to visit it...later.

This is just a randome street I was on, walking towards the River Seine...doesn't it look calm and peaceful?

Pont Neuf...the oldest bridge in Paris

Swift and smoothly moving down the River Seine on a beautiful morning...Ile de la Cite in the background

Walking down rue de Rivoli, past the Musee du time to stop and browse, but maybe on the first Sunday of the month, when admission is FREE!

Almost home, walking down the Champs Elysees...

A busy day ahead of me...

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  1. Florence, these pictures just for me? Thank you, forever. When I come visit, we shall have to see them together. You are such a special, intelligent, brave, lovely woman, and I am proud that you call me friend.

    Mai Dieu vous bénisse richement,