Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Nice Looking Man

Yesterday, I was waiting in the lobby of the bank looking at the guest computer screen in front of me, but from the side, I could see outside, the figure of a tall thin brotha’ walking a confident walk approaching the entry. I smiled inside and thought, hmmm, now that’s a nice looking man, but it was just from my peripheral vision, so I thought again, yeah, but I bet he’s not so great looking up close.

He walked in and as I turned to look at him straight on, I couldn’t dare look into his eyes, so I started at his feet. Tan and brown colored snake skin boots. I liked it; I looked again and the gold thin metal tip around the toe of his boots winked at me; they made me smile; dark denim pants touched the boots, crisp with a sharp crease that my eye followed up his legs, nice; black leather belt; not missing a single loop; hmmm, uh, nice... as he weaves though the cordoned area, first towards me, then away…nice package both ways, I like it... I wonder if anyone notices me checkin’ him out? I can’t stop now, Cream colored shirt, neatly tucked in, no pot belly, dark chocolate arms, strong arms, short sleeves.

Already he’s at the teller’s window. It’s as if the bank was expecting him as he breezed in through the doors, his confident stride not missing a step, no waiting in lines, a few long strides and he was at the window being served.

Staring at his profile, nice nose, neat low cut hair, smooth skin and to top it all off…a black leather apple-jack hat! Sitting perfectly on his head, as if he measured the placement. Right-on! Right-on brotha! Then, as soon as my assessment of the asset was complete, as if icing was even needed on this cake, it comes swirling around me. His scent. That soothing, soft masculine scent that makes me want to nuzzle his neck as he puts those strong arms around me. His scent came to hug me as it filled the lobby. I heard wind chimes as his scent whirled around me. I smiled basking in it all, in a trance fixed on his profile standing there at the teller window. I thought, now that’s the kind of man I want in my life, confident, nice looking and smells good…

“Excuse me Florence?, Excuse me ma’am?, Miss?…., Excuse me ma’am…May I help you?” I only heard the wind chimes in my mind. Then in a flash, Wrinkled white shirt, wrinkled khaki pants…no crease, brown belt…pale hairy arms…Bam! Right there…in front of my face…”Excuse me Florence, Thank you for your patience…..” Nice smile...and just like that, it was over. Seirge, the Personal Banker from Russia, blocks my view. What happened?! The cologne that was hugging me ran away and the wind chimes were silent.

I followed Seirge to his desk and as I stood, I looked around for the tall nice looking brotha in the leather apple-jack hat, with the snake skin boots, but he was gone.

I sat with Seirge, the Personal Banker from Russia and we made a wire transfer deposit in Euros for my apartment in Paris.

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