Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las far so good. I had 2 pieces of excess luggage and 1 was overweight, but the nice lady at the checkout counter only charged me for 1 excess baggage. That was still $250 BUCKS (International Excess Baggage Fee)!! She was kind enough to save me from paying an additional $250 for the other bag and another $100 for the 57 lb (7lbs overweight bag)....that's $350 to keep in my Paris budget!

I showed her my military ID card (advice from mom...thanks mom) and told her I was going to be gone for a year and this was the best packing I could do, 4 pieces of luggage and 2 carry ons. I gave her my most sad, I'm sorry look and waited for her reply. She said she needed to ask her manager, because the bags had to be processed in the computer and she could not waive the fees...the manager looked at me and my sad look, (I wanted to cry, when I thought about how many crossiants and baguettes this would cost me) he smiled, typed some stuff in the computer and voila...she handed me a baggage claim ticket and told me to have a nice flight!! Whew!

Leaving Las Vegas on Air Canada...Where "Nice People" Work

After the 4 hr flight to Toronto Canada, I waited 2 hours for my connection to Paris. While waiting, I saw the LARGEST passenger airliner in the world! The Airbus 380-800. This one was owned by the Emirates airline. The jet costs over $300 million, holds over 660 passengers, and this one is configured with private showers in the first class suites. The cost of a one-way ticket first class is $10,000. (and I almost cried over $350 excess baggage fees...ha!) There are only 4 airports in the world this big baby can land, and Toronto is one of them.

The Airbus 380-800 Largest in the World at Toronto

Guess What? It's made in France. You can watch more about the A380 here:

The A380 up close...One BIG Airliner!
Looking at the Emirates Airline, I wondered what is an Emirate? I had only heard of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai...where my ex-fiance lives. Well, I found out that there are 7 Emirates in the UAE and Dubai is the largest and most popular.

An Emirate is a political territory ruled by a dynastic Muslim Monarch styled emir (which is a commander, a general or a prince)...interesting, no wonder they own the big ol' jets!

After 2 hours in Canada, I finally boarded my flight to Paris. When I entered the plane, I thought we had a lounge area...the Emirates has showers, why not? was First Class. In case you haven't flown in a while, I took a quick photo of Air Canada's First Class seating...then I kept walking to the back, to my seat. Quel dommage...(what a pity).
First Class Seating on my flight - Air Canada
And finally I arrive to begin living my dream....

Aeroports de Paris...Paris Welcomes Me!
I've ARRIVED after about 15 hours of total travel time...

My Plane at Charles DeGaulle Airport, Paris...Bye-Bye...Thank you Air Canada for getting me to my Paris Dream...and saving me $350 in excess baggage fees!

Here are my flight details all in Las Vegas time, becuase I did not change my watch: I left at 11:00AM, Weds (on time), got to Toronto, Canada 3:00PM, Left Toronto 6:00 PM and arrived in Paris 2:00AM, Thurs...whew. Loooong day!

But in case you're wondering, I arrived in Paris 10:00AM Paris Time on Thursday.

Now, I wonder what's next....

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