Saturday, June 13, 2009

Paris Clothes that Talk

Paris Clothes that Say "Something"

My first observation of Fashion in Paris. The girls dress so effortlessly chic looking while it looks like they aren't even going anywhere!! It’s as if their outfits are saying “Something”. For example, they are not just wearing jeans and a top. It’s more like jeans and a top with a scarf, or vest or a necklace and purse or some shoes or something “else”…that “chic-ness” they add to their outfits to say “Something”, “Look at me...I'm interesting huh?!?”

I gotta study it a little more to figure it out for sure...even their hair is effortlessly looking good?!?! I don't get it...


There was one lady walking down the street, wearing a lightweight black trench coat with the belt tied tightly around her waist, black skinny jeans and pale pastel green Converse sneakers. Her coat said, “look at my small waistline.”, I said, “So what?”, her skinny jeans said, “Look at my long thin legs.”, I said, "big deal"…then her pale green Converse sneakers said, “Ah, we see that you are still looking, but we gotta go!” as the quickly and softly moved back and forth down the sidewalk.

In Paris...Never Just Jeans and a Top

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