Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First Sunday Morning in Paris

I am almost recovered from Jetlag, so I woke up at around 8:00 AM this morning and opened the windows of my Apartment (Motel 6 Room). That seems to be the first or second thing people in Paris do. I'm not quite sure what the first thing really is or the order, but I know for sure opening the windows is either first or second.

So I opened the window and in came a nice cool I took a picture of it..
A Nice Cool Morning Breeze

Then I decided to shower and go to the Sunday Market. I took a few pictures to capture the experience of "Just Living" in motto: "Just Live..." My only comment about the market, is, why do they leave the doggone heads on the chickens? (see below). I mean really... do the French fry the chicken heads, eyes, beak and all?...something just doesn't seem right about it...

Walking Past the Garden Behind my Apartment Room at Motel 6

The Market
Then there are the meats, the doggone chickens...WHY?
I'll take that one that comes with no head or neck...Merci!
After seeing the meat market, I decided to go to the supermarket instead. I bought some cleaning supplies, Mr Clean (Mr Propre), dish detergent, hand soap, orange juice and some milk for my coffee for my Motel 6 Room called an apartment.
The Supermarket Checkout...No Interrogation! (if you remember that blog)
Have a Nice Sunday Afternoon...I smell chicken...

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  1. OMG, so happy I never strolled past THAT meat market!! I never saw any chicken faces.. they are NOT supposed to have faces.. ick!!! Gross little story if you don't mind .. lol.. my daughter was in Italy last year as an exchange student. She opened her host family's fridge one day after school and what did she find?? A lamb. A WHOLE lamb. OMG.. she was horrified! I guess this is a real honour to be given a whole lamb... a European thing or just an Italian thing? Ooh.. I'm dizzy.