Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gay Pariee - OMG!


That's the best way I know how to descibe this day...

It started off as any "normal" day for me in Paris, as I am beginning to "Just Live" here.

I caught the Metro Line 3 to Lutce Lange, to attend the Saturday morning French-English conversation group since Adrian Leeds (my boss) wants me to improve my French.

The conversation was interesting as always, 45 minutes in English, then 45 minutes in complete French. Today, I learned that the French have different words for the hair on your head vs. the hair on your arms, legs, and the body in general. I learned the word for "ass" as in donkey is also used to describe a stubborn person in French and also, learned that the area of Bretagne, France has their own language called Breton...the more I learn, the more I realize there's so much I don't know in this world.

After the converstation group...we met a few friends for coffee at Cafe Francis...

Linda, Me, Adrian, and Dale

Today, 27 Jun 2009 is also the day Paris celebrates Gay Pride. I will post a few photos with the only caption I can think of...OMG!

The parade in Paris is called Marche des Fiertes LGBT. It's a massive parade that reportedly draws more than 500,000 spectators and participants!

The Parade began at 1400 this afternoon and went throughout the city for hours!

The Beginning...Not so bad...yet!

The Crowds...OMG, where do they all come from?

OMG, Where are his clothes?

Democrats Abroad?....Interesting...

A Family Event? I had to turn my head away sometimes too!


A Peacock?!


I don't care if he's gay...he takes a cute photo!
OMG, what a body! He blew a kiss, but it was for the man standing behind me...what a pity!

Another great day in Paris. There never seems to be a dull moment in this City of Light!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, how fun today must have been. OMG is right. LOL!

  2. It was like a totally different world! We had alot of fun and great food all day. The weather was perfect too.

  3. OMG is right.. we get that here in the Toronto Gay Pride parades also.. doesn't seem necessary to me.. seems more like Carnaval! Must have been quite a sight, we just missed it by about 3 weeks.. lol :D