Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning - Laundry & the Market

On a Sunday morning like today, in my neighborhood, this is how some of the French..."Just Live". Sitting, reading, chatting or eating at a local corner cafe. This is the lifestyle I love in Paris.

A Random Corner Cafe
It is now time to figure out the local washing machines around the corner, since my apartment does not have the luxury.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is as boring as watching my clothes tumble around in the top right dryer. So I'll take a picture. The other dryers are empty on this Sunday morning, because I'm sure the French have better things to do today...than laundry!

I met the owner of the Laundromat while I was taking a picture of the dryer, she's a very nice lady and offered to snap of picture of me.
Yes, the French pastries and wine are starting to hang on to my body! Ugh! Too bad I cancelled swimming with my neighbor this weekend and my knees are not ready to run yet.
Next week, maybe I'll go shopping for a dress to cover it all up!

A nice Sunday morning inside the laundromat. There's music playing out there somewhere in the market area? Can you hear it coming in the front door? Definitely sounds like French music...

Just another reason I love living in Paris. There are always unexpected surprises. Today there's this uh, band? playing in the market. It sounds like "Happy" French Music!
The man wearing the red pants makes me smile because when was the last time you've seen a man wearing red pants? I love it!

I wonder who they are? Their music fills the Sunday market and make the day more I wait for my clothes to dry in the dryer across the street.
I hope you have a great weekend...whoever happens to be reading this!
It's the small things that make life matter how boring the day may seem.

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  1. It seems to me that the French "just live" far more than we Americans do. How exquisite it is to turn each corner and see people enjoying themselves. You know we don't have street musicians. I think it would be so pleasant to hear them. Thank you for the pictures. I truly enjoy them.

    I ordered some nordic walking poles. You use them like you would as if you were cross-country skiing, but without the snow. I've been out walking 3 times with them already. Yes, Me!