Friday, June 19, 2009

Where is the Truth?

How can you think there will be no consequences for your actions? I want to write about it in my blog, but it’s your life…not mine. How can you think that you are the exception to the rule, when you see already that you’re not? I want to tell you to wake up, but you don’t know that you’re asleep.

So I’ll write about me….

Sometimes I think I’m so much better than the others and sometimes I think I’m more worthless too.

I think...look at me, I’m an American in Paris, I have more nice stuff back in the States, a home and a nice car too…I’m not like the poor struggling immigrants who live here too…I’m better…
But then I think, look at them... across the street from me, living in their large 2 bedroom Paris flat with a kitchen bigger than my entire apartment…what am I doing here living like this?…they’re so much better than me I think...
Where is the truth?

I find the Truth is in neither. I’m not better, because I’m an American with more stuff, and they are no less because they struggle. Those others are no better, because they live in a large Paris flat, and I am no less, because...I am no less.
Sometimes I slip and trip back into looking to others and outside things to validate my “who-I-am”- ness. My True validation never comes from the things, although they may “appear” to validate…they are not "Real".
And sometimes those others inhale my need to be validated, swallow and exhale emptiness. Waiting for me to feed more insecurity...
What matters in Reality are the choices I have made. There is where I find my Truth.

My Answer: The choices I make are made from within and that is where I will find my Truth.

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