Monday, June 22, 2009

Lunch on blvd St Germain

Today I met a friend, writer and artist, Antonia for lunch on boulevard Saint-Germain. She surprised me with a gift of a beautiful Parisian scarf. It was amazing, because it's the exact red, golden and maroon rich, royal colors I absolutely love! I did not tell her that my birthday is next week, which made the surprise gift even more special. We went to my favorite restaurant on the street which my friend Martha introduced me to when we were students studying at Alliance Francis last year 2008.

The restaurant is la rhumerie, they are known for their Specialatie of various rum punch. I've never tried the punch, but the island dishes are amazing! And the menu prices fit a student's budget!

Then we strolled over to the the Latin Quarter to browse through a few books at the well known American bookstore, Shakespeare and Company. It just was another wonderful day in Paris. Really, what's NOT to love? Following a dream is like floating down a river in a canoe with the current, relaxed and enjoying the ride...

Pierre has been calling all morning and afternoon. I have not answered his calls because I've grown unattached to my camera, so he'll have to wait.

I am learning how to "Just Live." in Paris. But I don't think it will be entirely possible without a man, for sure and a camera at least once in a while...


  1. Oh, come on! You've got to give us pictures! S'il vous plaît?

  2. lol! Okay Kristin, for you I will return to Pierre's apartment to get my camera and post pictures just for you!!
    I totally understand!

  3. Merci! Merci beaucoup! I think I am getting better at French also. I am still very poor at pronunciation, though.