Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Do You Eat in Paris?

Someone in the U.S. asked me the question: What do you eat in Paris? Then someone in Paris asked me, What do you eat? I'm not sure why they asked...but,
Here are a few of the things I eat, but be warned, I'm no Rachel Ray or Julia Childs...
Even though there's fresh and wonderful French bread on every corner, I still like Harry's "American Sandwich" bread. This is the multi-grain bread that I like toasted in the morning with real French BUTTER!! Beurre!!

Next, is one of my favorite snacks, (sometimes dinner) from any local grocery store...Moutarde Chips. When I accidentally eat half the bag...I call it dinner.

This was a special find that a friend introduced me to in Paris! Should I thank him for the extra pounds I gain after eating half the package in one serving? It's almost a shame to eat these when I am surrounded by wonderful French pastries on a daily basis. But these cookies are American, I am an American, and I have to contribute to American products in France!
After spending some time with Patricia and Vanessa, who are both women in Paris who actually cook..."real food" in their "real kitchens", I was inspired to try to cook something in my little 2 burner kitchen. So I bought this meat that looks like pork chops...

I also saw Vanessa buy some frozen vegetables one day, so I bought these vegetables to make with the meat that looks like pork chops.
The meat and vegetables are both still sitting in my tiny refrigerator and freezer. I actually doubt that I will cook them, but at least this is a start...I bought them.

Thanks to Patricia, I have discovered two types of French Cheese that I actually like. These are great on fresh french bread. The Camembert is slightly stronger flavor than the Coulommiers, which is more like a nice Brie cheese which is my favorite. The two cheeses (Coulommiers and Brie are actually cousins as the French would describe)

I also discovered, that the Camembert turns into the absolute worst smelling "anything" I have ever had in my fridge after 2 days!

The Camembert smelled so bad, I can not write the words to describe it...needless to say, I threw out almost the entire wheel after the 2nd day. I don't think I will ever buy it again. My favorite which I still like is the mild flavored Coulommiers cheese which is still in my fridge.

I'll be sure to post the first "real" dinner I prepare here in Paris, but so far, it has not happened.

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