Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Hair and Pierre!

I love my natural hair, very, very tightly curled. It looks shorter than it really is, but I love it anyway! My dilemma is that Pierre doesn’t like it...natural!

I know-who is he to judge my hair right? Today he said he is going to take me to a very nice restaurant on my birthday next week (30 June) and he wants me to wear a dress. I told him, I would as long as it’s not one of those fancy, high society restaurants we went to last year, because I did not want to go anywhere formal for my birthday. He agreed that it would not be formal, he said, it would not be touristy either, but it would be French…very nice… French. He told me to wear a dress, but not to wear my hair natural. He wants it straight. What?!

Why do I bother?

Pierre works closely with, very wealthy, French high society. Last year, we argued because he wanted me to stop wearing blue jeans to dinner all the time. He even took me to a private showing during Paris Fashion Week, 2008, and pulled out several dresses from racks that he said he would like to see me wearing. Later that evening, he asked in the French accent I love to hear, “Is it too difficult for you to be, to be…High Society?” He asked as if he were sincerely puzzled by my adjustment to the new level of “maintenance” he was, demanding. (Reminder: I just spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force) He said he did not understand and told me not to go shopping for any clothes unless he was with me. That was the last day I ever wore blue jeans around him. Now, it’s my hair.

Most of the day today, I wondered if I should straighten my hair for Pierre or just forget him all together. Then I thought about all the celebrities who don’t wear anything “natural”, and what’s wrong with changing my hair? But then again, I’ve already cut it and changed it to “natural” for me. I also thought about Tina Turner, one of my idols who changed her hair from natural to “un-natural” and even today doesn’t wear it natural.
Should I change my hair for Pierre...or just forget about him?

I don’t know what I am going to do...(to be continued)
My Hair Before
My Hair After

My Hair After...Blow dried only, Not Straightened I like it any way I look at it!

My Natural Hair, only blow dried...

My NATURAL Hair...Not Blow Dried, Not Straighted...Not Shorter, Just NATURAL!

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  1. I think your hair looks perfect, straight, blow dried, curly, natural, whatever. That's only a tiny fraction of what makes you so unique and wonderful. And if you straighten your hair, this Pierre dude is going to be taking care of it, right? Yeah. I wouldn't dream of telling you how to handle this, but... didn't you just retire from 20 years of having someone else tell you? I mean really, you just get back there, and already he's trying to change you. Something to consider... Life is waaaay too short, and this ain't practice, it's the real deal. Do what's right for you.