Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Qu' est ce que c'est? - What is this?

Is this butter or margrine?

I can understand some spoken French, but I can't read much. (hmm, does this make me a French illiterate?) I was frustrated at the supermarket because I couldn't tell if I was buying butter or margarine. I know it's a small thing, but I wanted to know the difference. I wanted to buy French Butter...real French butter! The kind my younger sister craved in Las Vegas. I don't want just margarine. So I bought one of the packages, but I still don’t know if I have butter, margarine or maybe it's just a container of Omega 3?!...if anyone reading my blog reads French, please help me out on this one...and the others below. (This is not a quiz)

Soon I will need to find the Laundromat. I was happy to find clothes detergent already inside my Paris apartment. I know they are detergents are for the laundry, because I can read the pictures….but which is which? Will I ruin my blue jeans with bleach or just make them softer by washing them in fabric softener?

Is this fabric softner or detergent

Is this bleach?

....Or is this the bleach?

Even if I end up eating margarine and bleaching my blue jeans, I’ll still be happy because I’m living my dream!

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