Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday Morning

Today I am another year older...but sometimes I feel another year YOUNGER! I wonder if living in Paris...has anything to do with it? Does time really stand still when you follow your dream?

I started this morning off celebrating my birthday with my favorite meal of the day...(breakfast)...at the famous restuarant, Les Deux Magots with a good friend Antonia Alexandra. She's an artist and writer also living in Paris.

The weather was perfect this morning!

The restuarant is named after 2 Magots (Ancient Chinese Wise Men). Their statues are displayed inside the resturant.

Antonia says, "Bon Anniversaire!"

The Coffee was the absolute best way to start off today! Can you see how smooth and rich it tastes? I could have ended my birthday with just this one cup of coffee!

A nice text message from Adrian Leeds..."Happy Birthday!"
My younger sister and Marilena (my best friend since elementry school) were the first two Birthday wishes of the day! Followed by so many, many more wonderful wishes!
Thank you all for making me feel special on this day...
I could sit here at Les Duex Magot all morning and afternoon, chatting and laughing with Antonia, reading text messages and enjoying watching all the tourist, and Parisians walk by like a movie and fashion show all in one...
The waiter was so friendly and exceptionally pleasent, which made the food taste even better! This is a very kind man...

I'll admit, I tried to order scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, but realized it was not possible, when I asked Antonia to help me tell the waiter I want scrambled eggs, she looked at me and started singing Michael Jackson's song "Beat It", while she motioned as if she were beating eggs with an imaginary wisk! (and I thought I was crazy!!)
I knew then, I was not going to get scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. The waiter watched her and didn't know if he should laugh, applaud or walk away...I asked him, "Scrambled?" He looked even more confused, so I pointed to the ham and cheese omlette...which turned out to be a great choice after all.

A Very Happy Birthday Morning...30 Jun 2009

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  1. You look positively radiant. Paris becomes you. Happy birthday.