Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Venomous Words

There are people in this world who smile a friendly smile and laugh a laughable laugh as words come from their lips, but their words drip with venom. They don’t even seem to taste it, but it’s there, dripping from the front, side and sometimes hidden on the back of their words.

Their words come from a dark and cold place inside, like a heart that’s so hard and cold the words cannot find warmth before the tongue spews them out between the laughter and the smiles.

In their words, I know there is no Love. The words are sharp, but appear soft. I must be careful not to let them pierce through my heart and scrape my soul. I must protect my heart and guard my soul.

I know that if I don’t, my heart too will become bruised, pierced and aching. Without the protection of Love within, my heart will become battered, dark and cold. I cannot see this, and I will not know if it happens to me, I will only feel the emptiness of Love gone away.

The instructions given to me today:
“Guard your heart and your soul too will be protected. Fill your heart with Love, and the words that come from your mouth will be soothing to the soul.”

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