Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finished Packing for Paris...How I did it...

What do you pack when you decide to move to Paris and "Just Live"? I started with shirts and blouses...Summer, Fall and Winter...with a few pajama's on the side.

Summer, Fall and Winter Shirts and Blouses & PJ's

Then I added a few pants, one red skirt...and a swimsuit.

A Few Pants, One Red Skirt & Swimsuit

Next, I mixed in a few sweaters for the cold months that will come, 3 winter coats and Space Bags (I could not have packed all my clothes, coats and sweaters without my space bags)....Thanks mom!

Sweaters and Space Bags

I also threw in a few shoes for the season and some boots on the side.

Shoes and Boots

I finished the whole packing party with, a 7 piece luggage set, 50% off on sale from Kohl's.

Now I will prepared to pay EXCESS BAGGAGE fees....but this is how I packed for Paris.

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