Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations -- Happy Birthday

My family and I have much to celebrate!
My Family
Today we celebrated my nephew's graduation from Las Vegas High School. He graduated "With Honors", which means was one of the few students wearing a white robe. Not only is he the number one athlete in the 800 m run, he's really SMART!

Me and My Nephew, Elite Athlete and Honor Graduate

I will be leaving for Paris soon, and he will be leaving for the University of Southern California...Success awaits him.

Family and Friends

Today we also celebrated Dad's 75th birthday. My sister and I planned the big party, invited all his friends, balloons, a professional photographer...the works! The only small problem is that Dad is actually only 73 turning 74 today. He's NOT 75! What? Yes, it's true....after we surprised him with the party, he surprised us by pointing out our mistake. He even pulled out his drivers liscense to show us all he was born in 1935!

Surprise Happy Seventy-? Birthday Dad

I blame it on my older sister who was excited to tell me 3 weeks ago that Dad was reaching his 75th milestone birthday....she was never good with numbers.

We had a great birthday party and graduation celebration anyway!

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