Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Paris Assignment...

When I first met my landlady, she took me on a short tour around the neighborhood and she gave me an "assignment". She said it would be fun and asked me to find my favorite Boulangerie (Bakery) in the neighborhood. She said there were so many, but I would have fun.
So I started that assignment this morning, my 2nd day in Paris, but there are so many OMG! It's my Best Friend...McD! He waits for me around the corner from my apartment....
Bonjour McD, I love You!
I'm looking for my favorite Boulangerie, but let me see how many Euros my Cheesburger "fix" will cost me when I become in need....
Le Menu

What?! 1.60 Euro? That would be approx. $2.25 (exchange rate is about 1.40). I will miss my Dollar menu Cheeseburger at home...but I'll mange. I am not in need right now. I am still looking for my favorite neighborhood bakery, but I am distracted again, this time by the beautiful soaps...Mmmmm, French Soap! How lovely....
French Soap

Oh and the French lingerie so beautiful...I love them!

Ah, here's a bakery...let me peek inside....

Boulangerie Around the Corner from Home

Yummy, but looks too sweet for breakfast....
As I search for the next one, there are still more distractions...

Toys for my soon to be neice, Hannah

Finally I settle on Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger. I can't decide which pastry to have for my second morning in Paris, so I choose 5 petites.

Breakfast in my apartment, my 2nd moring in Paris...Nice!

I still have alot of "reasearch" to conduct. Since you are not here with's a short video on the Paris Boulangerie. Today is a beautiful day in Paris...Enjoy!


  1. Florence,
    N'oblie pas les macarons.
    On choisit une boulengerie par la qualité de ses baguettes, ses croissants et ses macarons.

  2. Oh Yes! The macarons! I will have one or two for you. But I want you to know, it's not becuase I want to eat them for myself, I'll do it just for you! There's only one place to go to splruge on a macron for you. I miss you. Thanks for the comment!