Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Paris Calendar

I've been in Paris almost a week and already my calendar is getting full of Things to Do...fun things.
This afternoon, I meet with Adrian's daughter to go over some marketing stuff. (did I mention we work with French Real Estate...my other passion in life...Real Estate).

Wednesday, I have an appointment with Adrian and our Property Management/Mortgage Manager...they have some extra work they want me to do...should be fun!

My neighbor Annemarie, (I met her and Aerial the first day I arrived) invited me to go swimming with her. Did I mention I packed a swimsuit and even a swim cap? I wonder if they have swim caps in Paris? I don't know, but there are some really nice looking indoor pools all around Paris. I can swim as well as I can dance. I'm sure I won't drown...

Pierre invited me to breakfast with him on Saturday...yes, the French Man that was my friend that I was NEVER , not ever going to talk to again. Well yesterday he called three, five or was it fifteen times...on my french cell phone. I couldn't turn it off because Adrian also calls on that number. So after the twentieth call (okay, I exaggerate a little...but anyway) I told him I would meet him yesterday afternoon for lunch, I really had no intentions to although I told him yes...I figured he would understand if I suddenly had heart surgery scheduled for the afternoon. So I stood him up. So that explains the 27 phone calls later wanting breakfast.

We have an appointment for Saturday, but I think I'll call him Saturday morning and say my car broke down and I have to take it to the mechanic...My car is actually in Las Vegas, but I think he will understand...maybe stop calling?

Sunday is "Fête de la Musique" the big music festival in Paris...I don’t know which concert I will go to or how many, but it should be fun. You can read more about it at: http://www.parlerparis.com/ If it's not there when you read this, go to the Read Past Issues Link http://www.parlerparis.com/issues/readpastissues.html and click on the 15 Jun issue...

With my calendar filling up now, I have to figure out a "system" or schedule to stay organized. Now that I no longer have the structure of the military, or the 8 to 5 schedule of a Defense Contractor, it's up to me to plan and organize my day in order. So far, I'm not good at having structure in my life, but I think a little bit of structure is good. Somewhere between the Air Force regime and total "Freestyle" (like my older sister lives her life) will work for me....

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