Friday, June 12, 2009

First Full Day in Paris...Zzzzzz

Today is my first full day in Paris at my new apartment. I accidently slept until 1300 (I will start using the European time format...same as Military).

The apartment needs some work...and it is not really an's more like a room (by American standards). It's like a hotel room (Motel be precise) with a kitchen in the closet. I'm happy, because I am in Paris and this fits my budget while still paying the mortgage for an empty house in Colorado. I hope my house sells or rents soon, so that I can upgrade my living conditions before my family and friends visit me in Paris. Hopefully they can stay with me at an apartment room more like the Four Seasons...okay, maybe my sister will accept a Hilton or Marriot room...but she would NOT be happy here. I will manage for now. But listen up family, friends and guests, you read it here first...this is just the beginning for me and my life in Paris. I am NOT living in luxury....yet! Therefore, when you come to'll just have to see...

My landlady (owner) is super impressive. She's a PhD at the American University in Paris and she is just finishing up her book to be published soon on Women in the that a coincidence or what? When she found out that I was in the US Air Force, she said she would like for me possibly to give a talk in one of her classes (in English) that another coincidence (or "co-inky-dink" as my younger sis would say)? One of my other favorite things to do...Public joke! We'll see what happens...I know I have a story to tell somewhere in my military past!

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  1. Hi Florence.. I'm finally getting some background on you.. LOL. I've been reading sporadically and backwards! So far been enjoying what I'm reading and missing Paris! I could happily live there but my French is almost non-existent despite being Canadian :P .. I can order food for the most part but when I went to the Franprix around the corner from our hotel (Citadines, 11th, had a closet-sized kitchen as well), I was so lost! My daughter knows French but she refused to go to the grocery store with me.. lol. Thanks for this little trip down memory lane, one week was not enough but I did feel that I learned some of the essence of Paris. :)