Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost Run Over

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking home from the market and as I was crossing the street, a young man driving one of those tiny little SMART cars, whizzed around the corner, and before I knew it his bumper was inches away from my right thigh.

When he stopped, I stood there frozen looking into his windshield. He had a nice smile and was animated as he motioned that he was very sorry. I blinked my eye as he kept motioning with a big friendly smile and dark curly hair that he was sorry…he said he was so very sorry. He even put his hands in the prayer positon. Was he praying for my safety in Paris?

I just stood there as my life flashed before me looking in his windshield, he said again, "I’m so very sorry, please." He was definitely speeding, but I was glad he stopped in time, smiled, prayed and apologized over and over.

As I walked away, untouched I smiled back at him and thought to myself, now that’s the kind of man I’d like to share my life with, one that smiles a friendly smile and sincerely apologizes from the heart when he just about runs me over in his car.

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