Monday, June 15, 2009

The French Man Who was my Friend

So whatever happened to the men the in my life, you’re wondering? You’re not alone, because I wonder too…Just to get you caught up, Here’s another note in French I got from Pierre on the day I started my trip to Paris.

This is the man who said he would be happy to meet me at the airport with a warm embrace…

From: pierre
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 14:41:06 +0000
To: florence
Subject: RE: Hello

Florence, Vous ne m'avez pas indiqué le Jour. Si c'est le 11 juin à 10 H O5 Paris Roissy, je ne pourrai être là car j'ai un exament médical à 8 H 30 (pour le coeur). Il ne me sera pas possible d'être à Roissy. Quel dommage. J'aurai voulu vous embrasser. Ce sera plus tard . Mais vous auriez du vous concerter avec moi poyur votre billet et ainsi je vous aurai attendu. Dommage. Donc , ne pas m'attendre. Je vous verrai à Paris où à Levallois. Telephonez -moi, quand vous serez arrivée.


What does he say? First he is tells me that I did not indicate the date (I arrive in Paris). The truth is that I have been telling him and everyone else in the WORLD that I arrive on 11 June. Then he goes on to say, If it is 11 June, he can be NOT there because of a medical exam at 830 (for the heart). I wonder what heart?

He tells me this after I had started my trip, and there was no time to call another friend to meet me at the airport in Paris…did he say he has a heart?

He says it’s not possible to be at Roissy. What a pity. Yes, what a pity for him that I don’t care to see him…ever…again…no never!

He then says he would like to embrace me….but he’s “plus tard”…I don’t know, maybe he’s saying he’s very retarded? I agree…and I don’t really care what the rest of his email says…something about my neighborhood in Levallois and to call when I arrive.

I hope he’s not waiting by the phone with his “Kisses”.

After I got his email, I thought to myself, this is NOT the kind of man I want to share my life, one that kisses me off when I really need him.

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