Sunday, June 21, 2009

French Conversation and an Afternoon with Adrian

After breakfast with Pierre, catching up on the months that had past since we last saw each other and a few more laughs, I went to meet Adrian Leeds (my boss) at the Lutece Langue School for the French Conversation Group.

The groups are about 4 to 8 people mix of French speakers (Francophone) and English speakers (Anglophones), We spoke the first 45 minutes all in French then the last 45 minutes in English.
My French is improving each day, but I still have a long, long way to go! My group was 7 individuals, mixed. 1 Chinese (Anglophone), 3 French, 1 British, and 2 Americans. We spoke about several different topics. The one I found most interesting was when we talked about the French social system which has protected most of the French from feeling the real impact of the economic crisis because even those who are laid off from their jobs are protected by the social security systems for at least 2 years. We all agreed that after the next 2 or 3 years, the French society will most likely feel the impact of what America, England and Germany are feeling right now. The French individuals in our group said that most French citizens fear this impending crisis.

During the French conversation session, I learned that the girl from the UK formally worked in London with celebrity clients in the media, but now works in a sandwich shop on the Champs Elysees, because she wanted to leave London and live in Paris. The French woman is a sociologist and the author of 3 books in French, the Chinese woman is an engineer on contract in Paris, and the other French man is an Information Technology specialist.

My French Conversation Group Session (There were 3 groups in other rooms)

After the conversation sessions ended, Adrian and I straightened up the classrooms, locked the building, then had lunch and coffee. I wasn’t very hungry after the big breakfast with Pierre but I ate anyway, because Adrian knows the BEST restaurants in Paris…NO JOKE!! If she takes you to any restaurant, you can bet the food will be amazing!! If you’re in Paris or plan to visit soon, the next best thing to having her take you out, is having a copy of the Restaurant Guide she wrote! You can order it here if you want a copy to download: (No, I am not her personal promoter, but she is an amazing woman with amazing accomplishments!) Check out the guide only if you want to.

When she asked me how was Pierre, I told her that he did not like my hair. She replied as she laughed, “Of course not! He would prefer your hair to look more European!” How did she know? We laughed about it, then talked more about real estate, men, food, shopping and Fete de la Music which is tomorrow…
Adrian to me, is like an older sister, a wonderful girlfriend, an amazing boss, awesome mentor, and a caring mother all in one person! The one thing she told me before I left Paris in 2008, is that whatever I decided about returning to Paris, she said, “You can count on me!” And so far that’s been more than true!

Adrian and I having Coffee
After our wonderful lunch and a stop for coffee, we went to visit her latest real estate venture at Le Palace des Vosges:

The workers are installing the new windows which looked amazing as they wash the entire apartment in light. If you’re interested in the progress or think you might want to invest in it, NOW is the time to get in on the ground floor. It will be spectacular when complete! Check it out right here: (Again, really not intentionally promoting her. It’s just a great place, that will be a great investment…you’ll see…) If you’re curious, check it out…

Tomorrow, Sunday is Fête de la Musique and I have plans to attend a dinner and music soirée with friends and then meet my French roommate from last year, Emilie and her friends for a concert somewhere in Paris….

Read about Fete de la Musique here and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night or most likely it will be Monday afternoon:
until then…Au Revior, from Paris!

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